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Transaction preparedness

Whether you are contemplating a sale of your company, taking on an investor, or simply seeking an infusion to spur growth, we can help streamline the process and maximize the valuation. A due diligence process can be daunting and exhaustive, and if you are not adequately prepared to demonstrate true enterprise value through your financial statements and supporting documentation, you risk value erosion.  
We have participated and led hundreds of successful transactions, can anticipate what questions are going to arise, and will help you gather the necessary information prior to the diligence process. If there is a need for the financial statements to better capture your company's performance in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles or from a normalized EBITDA/Free Cash Flow perspective, we roll up our sleeves and do the heavy lifting to fulfill that need.
The end result is a more institutional view of your company through a transaction lens, plus tools and metrics that will enhance management's or owners' ability to make timely, informed decisions about the business.
While we bring the independent accountant's objectivity, technical experience, and a critical eye to a thorough analysis of your company's transaction preparedness from a financial perspective, we also form part of your team, and expect to have "skin in the game". We are only satisfied that our job is complete once you have realized the strategic alternative of your choosing.


Due Diligence

Are you considering an acquisition of another company, but don't need an internationally-recognized brand with a correspondingly high price tag? Our team has executed literally hundreds of due diligence engagements with those same, international firms. We now combine that experience and lessons learned with a personalized, tailored approach to due diligence which we bring to bear on a transaction on your behalf.
We will meet with you, free of expectations or obligations, to understand your circumstances, the deal drivers, and the key questions that need to be answered for you and your stakeholders. We then will develop a tailored and pragmatic approach to the financial due diligence that will help you answer those questions while aligning your financial investment with the probability of a successful transaction. We utilize the same tools and carry out the same in-depth analysis as the larger firms, but offer a much more tailored and interactive process. 
The end result is that you will receive a personalized client service experience, have direct access at all times to anyone on your deal team, and will have better insight and control of the process.

Let's Work

Let's determine whether Escalate Advisory would be a good fit for your company. Please reach out via the contact details above and we will respond as soon as possible.

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